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Ophidian Eviscerator

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Armor Category:
2 [17]
Monster Type:
Health Dice:
Malevolent Order
120' (30')
No. Appearing:
Attacks & Damage:
† Claws (2)1d6 -- † Bite 1d6 -- † Ophidian Blade 1d8 + special (see below)
Special Attacks & Abilities:
† Eviscerating Strike: (Save: Spells) The fell magic of a true ancient ophidian blade causes the opponent to bleed out uncontrollably (1d4/turn). Only a successful save will stop the bleeding.
† Vicious Rend: When an ophidian eviscerator hits the same opponent with both claw attacks, it deals an extra 1d4 points of damage. Both hands must be free at the start of the turn to use this ability.
Treasure & Possessions: Ancient Ophidian Blade, 2d4 gold

AC [Desc] 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
To Hit 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
AC [Asc] 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Blast or Breath Toxin or Disease Ray or Gaze Magical Device Spells
10 11 12 13 14

Cruel and degenerate survivors of a technologically advanced empire that once covered vast swaths of the surface world, ophidian eviscerators are now relegated to plotting from the shadows.

Some tribes of these alien serpent men retain tenuous connections to their ancient ways; performing brutal rituals whose significance they no longer remember to loathsome primordial gods who no longer care. Others have reverted to bestial barbarism; building lairs in dank caverns, preying on unwary trespassers with cunning and bloodthirsty cruelty.

Behavior & Tactics
It is not known whether these beings are indigenous to this planet or not. They could easily be extraterrestrial or extraplanar in origin. They exhibit qualities of human, insect and reptile in equal and unsettling measure.

The civilized variant typically dwell in remote jungle locales. They maintain vestiges of ancient customs, worshipping loathsome primordial gods with cruelty that matches the ceaseless appetites of their masters. Woe to adventurers who are captured, for their fate will truly be worse than death. Lower ranking civilized eviscerators and their bestial counterparts will charge into battle heedless of their own safety. They are more afraid of the wrath of the temple priests and the foul gods they serve than any mortal enemy.

Adventurers may spot crumbling stone idols with serpents crawling from the eye sockets or other sights that might lead any locals to issue dire warnings. When encountering such ruins, local guides will invariably be filled with dread, make cryptic mention of some ancient legend (probably involving "armored serpent demons" in their description) and run away, leaving the adventurers to fend for themselves. For the civilized variant, think pulp fantasy serpent men. For the bestial variety, think aliens.

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