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Inghatrak's Gurgling Skull

Artifact Type:
Magic Totem
4.5 lb.
Magical Effect:
When the tines are impaled in the earth, the artifact leeches an arcane substance into the earth that will raise all dead in a 500' radius in 1d4 hours.

Inghatrak's Gurgling Skull is a magical totem which is the culmination of centuries of research by Inghatrak, a lich alchemist obsessed with codifying the science behind undeath. Convinced that the source of undeath lay in cosmic radiation from beyond the stars, Inghatrak scoured the land for radioactive meteorites collecting and using them in cadaverous experiments.

The final ingredient serendipitously presented itself after Inghatrak emerged victorious in a duel with a long-time enemy whose name has since been forgotten. Never one to let material components go to waste, the lich cleaned the skull, discovering that the residue of magical intellect left in the membrane lining the skull, when combined with a particularly toxic meteorite, was the final ingredient needed to predictably reanimate the dead.

The artifact itself consists of a decorated, reinforced skull which conceals a reservoir of arcane ooze surrounding a polished meteorite core. Five sharpened tines protrude from the skull which, when planted in the ground serve as a delivery mechanism, leeching a noxious substance directly into the ground. Within a matter of hours, the infectious ooze suffuses the ground in a 500' radius, causing the dead to rise and pursue the living. If not slain, the undead will eventually find their way back to Inghatrak's lair, joining its undead army.

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