Eye of the Assimilator

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Artifact Type:
Very Rare
0.75 lb.
Magical Effect:
Allows wielder to impersonate any creature or individual, up to large size (12′) for d100 minutes, provided the wielder was able to obtain a sample of the subject.

The Eye of the Assimilator is a powerful and dangerous relic that consists of the petrified eye of a Slavering Assimilator mounted like a sinister jewel in a gnarled metal wand. This wand allows the wielder to impersonate any creature up to ogre size (approximately 12′ in height) provided they've been able to obtain a tissue sample, such as hair or blood. The sample needn't be fresh, but it must be real.

Use of the device is exhausting, and the effect will fade in d100 minutes. This artifact is dangerous, for the thing still lives within the core of its petrified eye. If the wand is shattered, sentient living tissue will be released and will seek out the most recent user and attempt to kill and replicate them when they are alone.

Adventurers who acquire this relic may be unaware of its living nature, unless they are well versed in its lore. They are most likely to assume that the eye is actually a polished gemstone. Woe to those who try to pry the "gem" loose from its setting.

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