Introducing Magical Monstrosity Press

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Magical Monstrosity Press is an online book of beasts, art gallery and blog inspired by pulp fantasy & sci-fi, medieval bestiaries, vintage role playing game books and classic death metal album covers. 

You will find ravenous hordes of slimy monstrosities from beyond time and space and an onslaught of voracious undead here, simply because that's what I enjoy drawing. Of course, there will be other types of monsters as well, but the above two will surely outnumber them. I've always enjoyed the combination of an illustration, a block of statistics and descriptive text found in role-playing game bestiaries and this blog is in part a reflection of that.

At times I'll post a fully developed monster entry with an illustration, stat block and description (suitable for old-school dungeon crawling RPGs, modern clones and any other game system you choose to translate them to). At other times, I'll just post sketches, the occasional print-and-punch game accessory or feature an artist whose work I find inspirational 

If you have suggestions for changes to creatures I post here, or would like to see variants, let me know and I might incorporate them. Also, I'd love to hear any tales of how these monsters played at your gaming table. Post your gameplay anecdotes on the relevant monster's page if you want. I'd like to see what havoc they wreak when out in the world.

In any case, enjoy the site and let me know what you think. I welcome feedback.

1 Comment

Fantastic website, web design, and artwork. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

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