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Armor Category:
8 [11]
Monster Type:
Health Dice:
100' (25')
No. Appearing:
Pack (1d4)
Attacks & Damage:
2 Claws (2d4) -or- Bite (1d6)
Special Attacks & Abilities:
Projectile Spikes: (1d4 & Save vs. Toxin or 1d6/turn) The wormhound can fire a tentacle spike from a range of 90'.
Barbed Spikes: (1d4 & Save vs. Toxin or 1d6/turn) Embedded tentacle spikes take 1d3 turns to remove each. Wormhound takes 1d4 dmg per spike.
Night Vision: Sees in the dark up to 60'.
Treasure & Possessions: Cloth scraps, animal & human remains, corroded weapon and armor fragments (20% chance they can be restored), 2d10gp

AC [Desc] 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
To Hit 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
AC [Asc] 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Toxin or Disease Magical Devices Ray or Gaze Blast or Breath Spells
8 9 10 13 12

The vile wormhound is a truly horrible hybrid that defies accurate description. This predatory monstrosity has a distinctly canine cast to its physique while its sickly, mottled skin is decidedly amphibian in nature. The creature's "head" (if it can be called that) is where earthly comparisons fail.

Its shoulder girdle is ringed with sickening gelatinous eyes the color and texture of rotting blackberries, while the writhing anemone-like frontal mass of tentacles end in vicious poison spikes. Depending on which subspecies of wormhound is encountered, these tentacle spikes may either be projectiles or toxic barbs reminiscent of wasp stingers. In either case, the spikes are poisonous.

Ecology & Tactics
Wormhounds roam damp subterranean caverns and hunt in packs, never straying far from a water source. As a result, they tend to favor caves that are regularly fed by ground and rain water. They prefer to set up ambushes and attack from concealment. If they feel they are outmatched, then they will flee if at all possible, but if cornered, they will fight ferociously.

Wormhound young are kept in well-protected nurseries and are stationary through the first several weeks of life, as the legs take time to develop. They are no less deadly in larval form, however, as wormhounds implant their eggs in walls and ceilings of caverns, and the hatchlings will use their tentacles to grasp, paralyze and devour the unwary.

Wormhounds are vicious combat machines, plain and simple. Given the two variants, they make good ranged artillery or melee combatants. If you want to make things particularly difficult for adventurers, combine the two!


Oh and as for the critter, I feel like the displacement-type ability should be listed under special abilities, no?
This is the coolest site ive seen in years. Everything is very slick and the color toggle thing is really cool (im glossing over the brilliant concept and crazy dope content because i feel it must obviously be the best aspect) but for some reason I was most impressed by the awesome layout and tables. I guess thats the idea though. Beautiful job top to bottom, I'm really glad this is here.

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