Adventurers or Grave Robbers? You Decide.

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We all know that adventurers are nothing without monsters to fight, right? Well, the same goes for monsters. Without adventurers, what would they do? Probably die of old age and actually keep their treasure, but that's beside the point.

This is the center panel of a three panel GM screen that I designed for personal use, and it kind of sums up my personal view of what low level fantasy adventurers look like. No storybook knights in shining armor or high-fantasy epic heroes here. These adventurers are hard-living, amoral, tomb-looting opportunists with beat up equipment and an axe to grind.

Even though my artwork doesn't take place on a particular "world," pieces like this can help put the monsters in context and maybe provide a little imagination fuel along the way.

1 Comment

That was the look I was going for. I believe one of the magic items she acquired in the course of her adventures was some Hairspray of Holding. :)

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